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My key driver over the last 15 years has been to help organisations to better connect with their employees; driven by a belief that the externally facing brand of the organisation is nothing without great people on the inside, motivated to deliver great work. Sometimes that’s connecting with all employees en masse or sometimes a specific and hard to reach group of them. Only by connecting in an authentic and meaningful way with employees will employers make them want to come to work; to do their best work when they are there , and to speak highly of that organisation and its brand, whether that’s to customers, to city analysts, their gran or simply friends in the pub.

I really love this work. As the world and context around us change, connectivity inside organisations is something we have to work at constantly. Different groups of people inside organisations need different things from their employer in order to feel that sense of connection. That used to be called diversity, but it has become more sophisticated than that. Get it right and the rewards are immense. How authentic your CEO is in person has more impact than what you write on your intranet. It’s how you feed and nurture the grapevine rather than try to control it. It’s less likely to be about the pay and benefits you offer than about how your line managers communicate and connect to their people. In today’s world it is especially about how you create a compelling but honest story for others to follow. Never before have employees wanted to believe in their employer like they do today. In their complex and uncertain world, it could well be the last place they seek belief.

If you want support or advice on anything directly or vaguely related to the above ie communications and engagement, then let’s chat. If it would be helpful to have a clearer flavour of how I can make an impact working with you, here are some tighter but not exhaustive examples.


How many times have we simply not known the question to which we’re trying to find an answer? Having a fresh pair of eyes on a situation can be hugely valuable. Having a partner you can air a challenge with, then working out together exactly what the underlying problem or opportunity is, can be the start of a great journey. It can stop the sense of paralysis we all get hen we’re too close to the wood to see the trees.

At this stage we can also work through the age old questions of “what will success look/feel like?” and “what metrics should we have?”, along with some questions relevant in today’s tough world such as “what will this do for the brand and reputation of my function/my team/me?”.

Drilling and extracting

Maybe you have all the answers but you just don’t realise it. Perhaps they’re locked in somewhere and they simply need someone to come in and help extract them, for you to channel them into something fantastic. It could be a budding idea on a specific opportunity or even a full comms and engagement strategy. Having someone facilitate and challenge your thinking can accelerate the process and improve the end result. This is massively rewarding and in my time I’ve done this to help a Police Force scope their customer service strategy and a mobile phone operator devise an online digital strategy. Sometimes it’s not what you know but how you facilitate.


There are so many talented people inside organisations today. They are quite capable of coming up with brilliant solutions to hair greying challenges. Sometimes though, just as you’re about to unleash a strategy on the organisation it can be valuable to do a dress rehearsal. Particularly with a fresh perspective and ideally with someone unbound by the conventions or culture of your particular organisation.