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A bit about me

I’ve been happy and successful as Director or Head of Communications and Engagement in some very well known brands for a long time. Working at both ends of the organisation to ensure vision and strategy are clear, colleagues are playing their part in delivering it and feel an appropriate sense of connection with the brand they work for. I’ve coached very senior leaders on how they build and communicate their brand to their people and I’ve guided organisations across the world on their “to-from” journey on cultural change.

Right now I am taking a new direction in my own life. I’ve stepped off the full time corporate treadmill to expand and improve my thinking. I am spending some of my time making my small farmhouse and land in France work ecologically. I am also doing teaching with the next generation of talent; those eager to carve a niche for themselves as Comms and Engagement specialists. The energy I get from them in return is inspiring.

I love what I do and have a wealth of experience I am keen to put to good use in an advisory capacity through The Brain Miner. I’m happy to be the guy behind the scenes, helping others to be great and delivering fantastic solutions together. I am also keen to work with Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), the back bone of our economy. If the word partnering hadn’t worn thin I would use it right now. If the word coaching hadn’t been flogged to death, I would use that too. Maybe I just did in the absence of finding better alternatives.

I’m honest and can be forthright but always kind and respectful. Humour is never far away in what I do, a constant friend and a superb leveller. I’m passionate about talent and brand and what links the two. I can find creativity in the seemingly driest and dullest of situations and have yet to be proven wrong.